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Zachís Birth Story†††††† Christianís Birth Story

It was October 30, 2003 and I went to the doctor for my last checkup.† I was hysterical, bloated and tired.† It was my due date and I had not slept hardly for the past 2 weeks and was more than ready to have the little boy.† Thankfully (in my eyes) my blood pressure was high and the Dr. decided to induce my labor.† Unfortunately, she was then leaving town so I had to go at this without her.†

I checked into the hospital about 12 noon that Thursday.† I was hooked up to the IV and the induction began around 1:30 pm.† It was pretty boring for the first few hours no real pains.† Our friends Caroline and Erik came and visited that night.† I still remember the smell of Arbyís roast beef.† I couldnít eat but they had brought Ron a sandwich and I was sitting there watching him while I had ice chips.† Contractions started coming on stronger around 8pm.† Caroline patted my head with a cold washcloth.† I remember being so hot!† Around 10 pm the nurse broke my water and I decided it was time for pain medication.† Erik and Caroline left.†

Around midnight I got the epidural.† I was progressing gradually but not fast enough.†† The epidural was great; I was finally able to sleep.† I slept through most of the night waiting for the right time to push.† I was secretly kind of happy it was taking so long so Zach would be born on Halloween and have a holiday birthday like Ron and I.†

The nurses took me off the pitocin because Zach was showing signs of distress.† Then early in the morning they increased the dose again and I began contractions again.† I was so hot sweating like a pig!† I could not believe it was 7AM and I was still just lying there.† Around 9AM the Dr. said he thought I should probably have a C-section because labor wasnít progressing very fast.† I was SO irritated.† Why did I have to go through all this if he was doing a C-section.† I asked the nurse if I could try pushing and she said I could try a few times and if the baby didnít move they would take me to the operating room.†

I think it was because I was so mad that I was able to push that big headed baby out of me.† I remember asking what time it was and the nurse wouldnít tell me because she didnít want me focus on the time.† The epidural had worn off and they wouldnít give me anymore at this point.† By now Iím sure it was pretty comical with me yelling and ripping off my gown I was so hot and MAD!† They had a large industrial size fan on me but I still was sweating and ready for it to be over.† I pushed for about an hour and half and then our little Zachary was born at 11:43AM on 10/31/03.†

I was in shock and wanted Ron to hold him first I couldnít believe it was finally over.† After I realized I was in labor for 22 hours I then swore this was it and we werenít having anymore kids.† :) Ha, Ha!!†††

You always hear it is easier the second time around and in my case it was true.† It was Thursday June 1, 2006 and I woke up that morning feeling like I peed my pants.† I was in denial for a few hours thinking surely my water didnít was too early!† I wasnít due until June 26.†

I waited until the Dr. office was open and then we went to see him assuming I would immediately go to hospital if my water had broken.† Well it had and then I was scared.† I worried something would be wrong with the baby.† This wasnít how I envisioned it happening at all.† I was hoping he would come early but not 3 1/2 weeks.†

I waited what seemed like forever to get a room at the hospital and then started the induction around 2:30pm.† Contractions began gradually and around 4:30 I wanted the epidural.† I was lying there crying because I was so worried not about the pain but hoping the baby would be ok.† After the epidural things went pretty fast and easy.† My doctor arrived about 6pm and said I would probably have the baby in next 2 hours.† I felt pressure but no real pain.† I remember thinking this is really easy but will it hurt like last time when the baby is born?† I remember the GameShow marathon being on TV and wishing I could watch it and actually pay attention.† :)†

I was able to push about 8:30pm and little Christian was born at 8:52pm on 6/1/06.† It honestly didnít hurt that bad...Epidural is the greatest invention ever!!†

We stayed in the delivery room a few extra hours so the nurses could monitor Christian closely.† He was actually pretty good size and overall very healthy which I was relieved.† Christian is our little blessing baby.† I believe he came just on time because after the death of my Dad less than a month before, I was able to feel true happiness and joy.† I thought of my Dad often that night and strangely felt like he was watching over us.† It could have been the lack of sleep for the past several months but it sounds better to think he was there.† :)†

We couldnít decide whether to name the baby Christian or Luke.† I had told my Dad the name Luke before he died but later wanted to change it.† My Dad would think that is very typical of me changing my mind so I figured he wouldnít care.† :)† I had Ron flip a coin and it was heads for Luke.† But I went against the coin flip and went with Christian after all.† Typical me.

This time I told Ron again that we weren't having anymore kids.† I just couldnít go through all this again.† Iím pretty sure I mean it this time...unless little accident Annie comes along.† :)† Ha, Ha!!